Pre-Reading Class
Our pre-reading is a special class we offer only once a year.  We enroll this class in September and finish in June.  This class teaches reading using the phonic basis.  You must be eligible for kindergarten the following year in order to be eligible for this class.  A contract is required for the full year.  Please contact us for more information.
Enrichment Classes -- (Currently, due to COVID-19, we are not offering Enrichment Classes)
We have designed the afternoons with extra enrichment, extra stimulation and of course extra fun.  We present to you a choice of classes that will offer new experiences, new skills and new friends.  In the past we have offered music, science, cooking, tumbling, foreign language and woodworking, to name a few.  Enrollment is optional and is for 6 weeks, with the first classes offered in the fall.  The fee for the 6 weeks will include time for lunch.  You may join the regular Stay & Play after the class.  The normal fee will apply.
Extended Day
Extended day is an optional program for families who attend the afternoons on a regular basis.  This class meets with the same children and teacher each day.  It forms a little family offering more enrichment because we know who will come each day.  It is a very helpful class for our young friends who may need a little extra attention.  Enrollment is on a regular on-going basis.  We do not offer this class by casual arrangement.  The class requires a one-month's withdrawl notice in writing at the first of the month).
Special Classes
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